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Spot Study - 3 Visits - £100 Expenses

Study Number:


Study Title

24h Spot Study



Study Overview


Study Summary:Eurofins Alba are looking for male and female volunteers aged 18-45 to take part in a 24h Spot study.The purpose of the study is to evaluate the performance of an spot treatment over 24 hoursYou will be invited to attend three visits to the study centre based in Edinburgh, Broughton Street (EH1).


You will be required to have at least one facial spot to take part.


Visit 1 - You will be asked to attend the test centre where you will read the full study information and if you would like to take part in the study you will be asked to complete a consent form to provide your consent to take part.


If you are not eligible to carry on with the study at this stage you will receive a £10 cheque.Please note if you have any facial piercings you must be able to remove these during the study visits.Once you have provided your consent you will be asked to complete a medical history questionnaire which will ask you for information on your health and any medication which you may take. You will be asked to "acclimatise" -  sit in a temperature and humidity controlled room for approximately 20 minutes. You will then be asked to remove all facial jewellery/piercings, put on a black hairband and a black cape to aid assessments. After this a trained grader will assess your facial skin to confirm if you are eligible to take part in the study and identify a suitable spot (lesion) to track for the duration of the study. This will be a non-invasive assessment where the assessor will use a magnifying assessment light to visually assess your skin to confirm the presences of spots and lesions on your skin. The grader may require to lightly touch your skin during this assessment.If you are eligible you will be provided an appointment to return for visit 2. You will be provided instructions and advised of restrictions you should follow prior to visit 2.


Visit 2 - You will be asked to attend the test centre and stay onsite for approximately 10 hours. You will not be permitted to leave the test centre therefore you should ensure you bring your own food and refreshments as these are not provided by the test centre.  As the duration of your visit is lengthy (approx. 10 hours), please bring books, magazines, a laptop etc. to entertain yourself. If you need to leave the test centre you will be withdrawing yourself from the study and will not be eligible for expenses. You will return to the test centre having followed the instructions and restrictions advised at Visit 1. You will be asked to acclimatise for 20 minutes, place a hair band on and cape prior to assessments and images. After 20 minutes you will have an assessment performed of your facial skin by a trained grader. You will then have pictures of your face captured using our imaging rig to ensure standardised photos. You will then have the product applied by test personnel to the selected spot/lesion and then you will stay on site in a room which will have the temperature and humidity controlled. 8 hours after you have had the product applied test personnel will remove the product. The assessments and image capture will be repeated. You will then complete your visit not applying any products to your face prior to your next visit the following day.


Visit 3 – You will return to the test centre approximately 24 hour after your product application and having followed the instructions and restrictions advised at Visit 2.  You will acclimatise for 20 minutes prior to having a facial assessment performed and images captured.  You will complete a self-assessment questionnaire on the product and then complete your visit.


You will be required to attend three visit to the test centre in Broughton Street, Edinburgh. The study will run between Wednesday 14 February 2024 – Friday 16 February 2024. 


Visit 1 – Wed 14 Feb 2024

Appointment will run between 9:30am-4pm

This visit will take approx. 90 Minutes

Visit 2 – Thurs 15 Feb 2024

Your appointment will be at 7:30am

This visit will take approx. 10 Hours

Visit 3 – Friday 16 Feb 2024

Your appointment will be at 8am

This visit will take approx. 90 Minutes

Inclusion Criteria

The following Inclusion Criteria will be used during subject screening and recruitment:

·         Healthy Males & Female aged 18 – 45.

·         Has self-assessed sensitive skin (on their face).

·         Fitzpatrick skin type I-IV.

·         Has at least one active spot (Papule, pustule or whitehead).

·         Has experience using spot treatment (cosmetic) in the past.

·         Has no oedema, and no greater than slight (1) dryness of the test site.

·         Willing to refrain from using any new cosmetics or beauty products for the duration of the study.

·         Able to communicate well with the investigator and to comply with the requirements of the entire study.

·         Provision of written informed consent to participate as shown by a witnessed signature on the Subject Consent Form.

·         Willing and able to remain in the test centre for the duration of the study.

·         Be willing to have photographs taken and sign an image release form.

·         Willing to adhere to all study restrictions and requirements.

Exclusion Criteria

The following Exclusion Criteria will be used during subject screening and recruitment:


·         Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

·         Those taking medications which, in the opinion of test personnel, may affect test results.

·         Those who have received treatment with sympathomimetics, antihistamines, vasoconstrictors, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, and/or systemic or topical corticosteroids within one week of study initiation.

·         Those who have a history of acute or chronic dermatological, medical, and/or physical conditions which would preclude application of the test material and/or could influence the outcome of the study.

·         Those suffering from any medical or skin condition which, in the opinion of the test personnel, will automatically exclude them from participating in the study.

·         Those with a history of skin cancer or is currently undergoing treatment for active cancer of any kind.

·         Thise suffering from insulin-dependent diabetes.

·         Current skin disease or skin disorder.

·         Those with a known allergy to any of the ingredients of the test product.

Study Restrictions

Subjects will be requested to observe the following restrictions during the course of their participation in the study:


·         Not to use aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, antihistamines, or corticosteroids for the duration of the study (paracetamol is permissible for pain relief). Subjects are requested to alert test personnel of any changes to medication during this study and are informed that certain medications are an exclusion criterion and may results in their withdrawal from the study.

·         Refrain from applying any products to their face, including moisturisers and make up prior to their study visits (face wash the morning of their visits is requested)

·         Refrain from picking, popping or excessively touching the area of their face being assessed.

·         Refrain from consuming any alcohol within 12 hours of assessment visits and for the duration of the visit.

·         Refrain from smoking (including e-cigarettes) 12 hours of assessment visits and for the duration of the visit.


If you complete the study you will receive £100 expenses.

Please note all expenses will be provided in a cheque written to your name only.



Due to cancellations and no shows most of our studies will be over recruited, this is done to ensure that we complete each study with the correct number of volunteers. 


Therefore, once we have reached our maximum limit, we are unable to accept any additional volunteers onto the study. Where possible we will try our best to contact you before you attend.



How to Apply


To take part in this study please email us at recruitment@albavolunteers or complete our survey application





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