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Dandruff Studies

Updated: May 21

What is a Dandruff Study?

The purpose of a dandruff study is to evaluate and compare a market ready shampoo with a product that is currently already on the market.

All volunteers will be required to use a product at home for the first 2 weeks (this is called the washout phase).

Volunteers will be required to use the test products at home for a period of up to 6 weeks coming into the test centre during that time to have their scalp assessed.

What do I need to do in a Dandruff Study?

You will be required to attend the test centre for approx. 4 visits, at each visit you will have your scalp assessed and given instructions regarding product use at home and any restrictions.

You will complete a daily diary sheet which will document times and dates of product use.

General Inclusion Criteria (*some studies may have more requirements)

Male & Female.

Aged 18-75.

Must have sufficient hair on your head.

Must wash your hair 2-4 times per week.

Willing to follow all study requirements.

General Exclusion Criteria (*some studies may have more requirements)

Those who are pregnant or breast feeding.

Those who have hair extensions, braids, weaves, or dreadlocks.

Those with very short hair, less than 5cm.

Those with a history of hair loss.

Those with history of skin disease on the scalp.

Those who have participated in a similar study in the previous month.

How much expense’s will I receive for taking part?

On completion of this study, you will receive between £60 and £550 expenses in the form of a cheque in your own name.

How do I take part in these types of studies?

To register your interest in our dandruff studies or if you have any questions, please email


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