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215919 - Hair Collection Study - Red Hair - 2 Visit - £75 Expenses

Updated: Jun 7


Red Hair Sampling Study

Study Summary

Eurofins Alba is inviting you to take part in a study where red hair samples will be collected from volunteers along with information on their lifestyle and their normal hair care practices.

Study Overview

Female volunteers aged 18-55 will be screened to take part in this study. You will be asked questions about your health and medication. It may be that we are unable to accept you onto the study dep

ending on any medication you may have been prescribed.

Eligible volunteers will be requested to wash their hair on the day before the study procedures with their usual shampoo; no additional conditioning products or styling products are to be applied to the hair or scalp and the hair is not to be tied (e.g., bun or braids) from this point until study completion.

Volunteers will be required to 2 visits to the test centre; a screening visit (Visit 1) and then returning for study procedures one week later (Visit 2). Volunteers must attend these visits with their hair down and not tied up in a bobble, plait or bun.

On the day of the study procedures, a trained technician (qualified hairdresser) will perform an assessment of hair and scalp characteristics. Volunteers will be asked to complete self-perception questionnaires (SPQ) relating to their hair characteristics/qualities and a demographic and lifestyle questionnaire will be completed. A suitable area approximately 10cm across at the back of the head near the neck will be identified by a study technician; the hair will be separated using a tail comb and a knitting method, a small sample of approximately 200 hairs will be cut from as close to the scalp as possible using hairdressing scissors.


Volunteers will be required to attend 2 visits to our Broughton Street, Edinburgh test centre and can pick one of the groups below.

Inclusion Criteria

Inclusion Criteria

·Be healthy females aged 18 to 55, residing in Scotland.

·Be pre-menopausal.

·Be naturally red haired (colour treated hair is acceptable if there is a minimum of 12cm natural red hair from the hair root)

·Have at least 12cm of natural hair from the hair root

·Have a hair length of ≥ 15cm

· Have clean hair on the day of the study; hair must be washed with volunteers’ usual shampoo on the day prior to the study procedures.

·Be in generally good health, as determined by the medical history questionnaire.

·Be able to read, understand and sign an informed consent agreement after being advised of the nature of the study.

·Be able to communicate well with study personnel and to comply with the requirements of the entire study.

· Be willing to refrain from using for the duration of the study.

· Willing to adhere to all study restrictions and requirements.

Exclusion Criteria

You will not be eligible to take part in this study if any of the following applies:

·Those who have had chemical treatment on their hair in the last 12 months.

·Those who have applied any products to their hair and/or scalp after last washing their hair on the day before the study procedures (this includes, conditioning products, styling products, masks, and perfumes).

· Those who are pregnant, breast feeding or, if of childbearing potential, are not using a reliable method of contraception.

· Those taking medications which in the opinion of test personnel may affect results.

· Those suffering from any medical or skin conditions which, in the opinion of the test personnel, will automatically exclude them from participating in the study.

· Those suffering from any systemic conditions (acute or chronic) or skin/scalp disorders including eczema, psoriasis, acne, or diabetes.

· Those who have participated (within the previous 14 days) or are participating in studies where the hair/scalp is the target area for treatment/evaluation.

· Those who are participating in another study which restricts normal hair washing and/or styling habits.

· Those who are participating in another study where, in the opinion of the PM, the inclusion/exclusion criteria of one study may be compromised by participation in the other study.

· Is an employee of the Sponsor or Eurofins Alba.

Study Restrictions

Volunteers will be requested to observe the following restrictions during the course of their participation in the study:

Not to use aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, antihistamines, or corticosteroids for the duration of the study (paracetamol is permissible for pain relief). Volunteers are requested to alert test personnel of any changes to medication during this study and are informed that certain medications are an exclusion criterion and may result in their withdrawal from the study.

To attend the test centre with clean hair, having refrained from applying any conditioning products, or styling products, oils, mask perfumes etc. to their hair and/or scalp following hair washing on the day prior to the study procedures.

To refrain from tying up their hair on visit days i.e. no buns, braids, etc.

To refrain from going to a sauna, hammam or swimming pool on the day prior to the study procedures.


You will be paid a £75 cheque in your name on completion of this study.

How to Apply

For further information on this study or to apply to take part please complete the following survey.

Click this link to complete a short survey and note your interest

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