Alba Science are looking for female volunteers ages 18-40 to take part in a spot study. All volunteers will have the presence of spots. Each subject will receive 28-day treatment applications, to their full face.

We are running screening days, Friday 2nd March, where you will be asked to fill in paperwork and a trained assessor will examine the skin on your face and assess for spots and skin roughness under controlled lighting conditions. If you meet the study criteria you will be accepted on to the study at this point.

If you are interested in attending this screening day please call 0800 756 1046, email or to request a call back follow this link --->

If you are accepted onto the study you will be required to visit our Broughton Street centre 7 times over 5 weeks. These visit will last approximately 1 hour. You will then be paid £130 expenses on completion of the study.

If you are found to be ineligible to take part in the study you will be paid £5 to compensate for your time and inconvenience.

For full study information and dates you can download this PDF --->